Creating New Opportunities to Re-Discover Nature


We're about more than just preserving wetlands. Protecting our sensitive environments is critical, but if you can't get people out into nature, how will they know what is worth saving? Environmental Education is a cornerstone of public programs. With our Hands-On Nature program, we bring students out to Ammo Hill to introduce them personally to nature. From learning to identify wetland habitat to adding their own touch on our bunker murals, the best way to teach children about nature is to get them into it.

Children are not the only ones who need time in nature. Many of us adults get trapped in our little cubicles and forget what it feels like to touch dirt or to climb a mountain. Our Health & Recreation programs address these very issues. Through our planning for new recreation areas, we are working to bring the whole family back into nature.

Ammo Hill's trails are a major attraction for nearby residents. The Bay Trail has just opened its new levee trail which terminates adjacent to this area and the SMART train will be rolling through the area by the end of 2015. With everything going on around the area, we must start work now to create formal trails to help people stay safely on path and out of the sensitive habitat. Our Trails work is focused on connecting the "gap" in the Bay Trail from Hamilton to Bel Marin Keys.