Providing Public Access and Public Recreation


The San Francisco Bay is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. And the best way to take in the bay's beauty is on foot or bike. Now, there is a plan to create a continuous "ring around the bay." To date, there are 290 miles of trail, but there are significant gaps that still exist in closing the "ring." And, as it turns out, Ammo Hill sits along side one of the highest priority gaps left in the Bay Trail. Bridging this gap will not only connect Hamilton to Bel Marin Keys, it will effectively connect Marin all the way to Sonoma County along route 37 and to the new South Novato SMART station.

The planned path will connect Hamilton to Bel Marin Keys and northwards. At Pacheco Pond, the Foundation (integrating a previous City design) will build a scenic viewing area with educational placards about the history and importance of the Bay Trail, Pacheco Pond, and the Hamilton Air Force Base.   No wonder "bridging the gap" is one of our top priorities!