Novato Park project


Our Mission is to preserve the memory of Susan Sheridan through the preservation of threatened land and the creation of educational, artistic and recreational opportunities for all.


Our Vision for the Future

Ammo Hill will become the epicenter of Novato outdoor recreation and culture. People of all ages and from all backgrounds will converge on the land and gain a new awareness from nature, art, athletics and each other. Our environmental programs will strengthen people’s connection to nature and inspire widespread hands-on participation in preserving our world’s fragile ecosystems. Through our educational programs we will ensure our children receive a full education beyond the pages of their textbooks. 

Our outdoor art programs will promote the talent of our students and broaden our creative perspectives. And, we will provide place; a single place where people will be away from their offices and computer games and gain from simply being with each other in nature. From this one location, people will take with them a new understanding of their world and spread this understanding across the Bay Area and across the world; in honor of one great life.